New Show on the Block

Timbaland Empire Fox

Fox’s Empire leaves people begging for more every Wednesday night. From discussion about ALS to homosexuality in the African-American community, Empire touches on topics that once were taboo. If you haven’t heard of the freshman show, it’s clear that you temporarily checked out of society. Ten million people tuned in to watch the premiere of the show and it has continued to gain viewers every Wednesday, which defies the rules of television.

With such success, Empire leaves people wondering what’s the secret behind this bonafide hit.  The show tells the story of Lucious Lyon, who looks to groom one of his three sons to take over the music business he built from the ground up.

Eric Deggans, a writer for NPR, attributes the success of the show to catering to the African-American community. Fox reported 62 percent of Empire’s audience aged 18-49, the group network television advertisers target most heavily, are African-Americans. While Deggans recognizes the unique storyline, he focuses too much on the support of African-American households. He states “Empire seems to be working because it is telling stories that resonate with black viewers.”

However, Empire tells the story of a father struggling to accept his gay son, siblings’ rivalries, a couple separated when one partner ended up in jail. It explores what happens when women fight for equality with men, and a family dealing with sickness. These are all topics that are relatable to people of all backgrounds.

Every Wednesday night, Empire attracts thousands of new viewers and this does not include the viewers that tune in later on Hulu or OnDemand. People need to give credit where credit is due. Lee Daniels and Danny Strong created a phenomenal show that allows for viewers to connect with at least one character.


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